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New Power Ranger Forum

I have recently made up a new forum based on an old one I was part of since it died out for Power Ranger Fans. PRUnited is a board for all members of the Power Ranger Community to come together and discuss their favourite parts of the show, post Fan Fics, Graphics and do so much more. And with a new season recently starting to air, it's the perfect time to join.


Hope to see you around!
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Last Update was 3! Years ago!

Oh My Gosh!

I Cannot belive that it has been THREE years since I last updated this. It has been a hell of a three years for me. Not only have a now finished Univerity with Honours in History and I am now officially a Bachelour of Arts. But I have also had certain events in my Personal life. Also since my last post, my dad has been doing quite well since his time in ICU. He attends physiotherapy sessions twice a weeks to help strengthen his chest and he is losing weight both of which are helping his breathing a lot.

In my life there have been several big changes which I have to admit I think considering my history of Depression and Anxiety I have handled rather well.

In 2014, I came out as Gay. I always was scared of coming out, as my father was not really accepting towards gay people. He wasn't homophobic and I thought he would have a problem with it. However, everyone was very supportive and in November, I met my Fiance, and we have been together for almost two years. We have lived together since January 2015. It was quick but it felt right. We have our difficulties as everyone does but he is amazing and I couldn't imagine where I would be without him now.

I also  had another life changing event. In July last year, while we were away celebrating my 21st birthday, we were informed that my bamp had been taken into hospital and was very confused and aggitated. They believed it was a damaged knee, but when we came home and seen him he seemed fine, However, a few weeks later he took a turn for the worst and spent a week and half in a state of more or less unconciousness and he passed away. It was very unexpected for me and we were so close that it really hit me, but I know what he wanted from me. In the aftermath of this was also the start of massive family drama's.

Then a few months later my partners grandmother died unexpectedly. Then this year his mother has been ill from a Heart Attack and his great grandmother passed away this week too. It has been rough for both of us but we are getting through it together.

I hope there will not be another three year gap between updates as I do miss livejournal.
wincest full

Major Update.

Hi Guys,

So I don't think I have posted since like Christmas? Whoa, that's a long time. I've had a hectic 6 months though.

Just before Christmas my Granddad was admitted to hospital because his Heart was 140 bpm and irregular. They finally managed to bring it down but he has Atrial Fibrillation now so it is still beating at 108 bpm the last time we went to a check up. He did have Electric Cardioversion in February which was successful in putting his heart back into a normal rhythm at 61 bpm. But somehow the AF reemerged and his heart was beating fast again. They altered his medication again to try and bring it down more than 100, so hopefully at the next check up it will be lower again.

It hasn't stopped him though, in April he went to visit my aunt in Australia for a month. He is 86 and AF is the only thing he has ever had wrong with his heart but he was fine. He is coming away with us in 3 weeks too.

In March, My Sister, I and my brother-in-law went to see the Script #3 concert. It.Was.Fab. So amazing.

However, the following day, my dad was taking ill with his asthma. It was a long emotional day. Just as he was making a little improvement, he would drop again and be back to square one. They transferred him to a bigger hospital and at 11pm  they comatosed him and put him on a ventilator. His HR was 150+ so the consultant said he would have a heart attack if he hadn't been put on a ventilator. With his other health issues, they have always been against putting my dad under General Anesthetic, so he was very nervous and anxious, as were we all. He was out for 8 days, and when he came back around we were all there. We had all the family in to see him, and we really weren't sure which was it would go. The staff on Intensive Care are beyond amazing. They are true lifesavers. It was the flu that had caused him to be this ill, and seeing him you wouldn't think the flu would do that to someone.

When he woke up we were told he would be in for at least 2 more weeks, but he was out 6 days later because they didn't want to risk him catching another infection. He is still on the mend, it's a long process and can take up to a year, but he is still here and that is the main thing.

I have finished my first year in University too. It has been an amazing year and I can't wait to go back, although I may finish my course and go back to study medicine and become a doctor. I am still unsure.

I am going to see Mrs Brown's Boy live with my sister, brother-in-law and my mum next Friday. Can't wait. We went last year and it was so funny, absolutely amazing. This sister told us on Christmas Day that she was pregnant and she is due in August.

It's my birthday at the end of the month and then at the beginning of next month my, my mum, dad, granddad, and niece are going to Cala Bona (Majorca)  again for my Uncle's 70th birthday. I can't wait. The place is amazing. and we all deserve a break after the year we have had especially my mum and dad. Then after we come home it is my nephews first birthday and my Dad's 60th so we have a busy few months :L

Also this year I have go into 'The Vampire Diaries'. I have had the first two seasons on my external hard drive for like 2 years, and thank to a kick up the backside by one of my friends I finally watched them and I am in love with this program. I love Jeremy/Bonnie and Matt/Rebekah. I also love Jeremy/Kol. I can't wait until Season 5  to start in the fall along with Season 1 of 'The Originals' which is 'TVD' spin off series.

Anyway I'm gonna leave you to it now :D 

doctor who and twilight

so my doctor who series 7 blu ray came back this morning just before I left for uni. can't wait to get home and get some downloaded and then make some icons :) I also made some icons from breaking dawn part 2 last night. there is only a few at the minute though I may make some more tonight when I get home. anyways I got one lecture today then I get to head home :)

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Finally I've finished my Essay for my Crime Vice and Lowlife class :D Its due Friday so now all I have to do is submit it :D 

Yesterday I ordered Doctor Who series 7 part 1 Blu Ray and UV copy for a very cheap price thanks to Amazons black Friday deals :D hopefully it will be here tomorrow :D

Jopefully I will be able to finish my work on the prologue for the fic but I still have no idea what to call the fic :/
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I was hoping to finish my intro to the fic I have been talking about over the last week or so. HOWEVER, I have an assignment due on Friday and I need to start that. I really need to do at least a quarter of it tonight as I want to try and have it finished by Thursday and submitted.
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I have been so ill over the last two days. I've had a really bad cough, sore throat, headache, tired, no energy and I've been sensitive to lights :/ 
At least I've been able to rest and sleep. Don't think I'll be going to Uni tomorrow. I don't feel up to driving. 

The last few days I've just been watching my Once Upon A Time season 1 boxset. Forgot how great the first season was. Makes me want to see more new episodes though :L
Also I'm considering taking part in the Onceuponaland 20 in 20 challenge. Have some good ideas.